Summer 2012 Newsletter

  New to Columbus  
Pippin Vintage Jewelry

Upon entering this shop near the corner of W. 75th Street, one gets the feeling that Pippin Vintage Jewelry is a secret vault of treasures untouched by time. Everything in the store - down to a pair of scissors - is vintage, bequeathed by those of a bygone era. Though this is Pippin’s first store on the Upper West Side, it has been an institution in Chelsea (and previously, the Lower East Side) for eight years. Six months of work culminated in the store’s opening last month, said Erin, the store’s manager.

Erin identified several reasons for Pippin’s decision to open a store on Columbus Avenue, including the need for a vintage jewelry source in the area, as well as their great location, amidst so many popular shops in the area. Their proximity to the GreenFlea Market is a benefit as well, as Pippin had originally started by selling at a flea market fifteen years ago, though their items are very selective and high-end. Apart from affordable prices on vintage rings, bracelets, earrings and other kinds of jewelry, Pippin also stocks items as diverse as watches, tie clips, cufflinks and even hats. Everything is, as Erin cheerfully notes, “interactive.” Customers can physically touch and examine everything the store has to offer until they find that one item they’ve always been looking for.

313 Columbus Avenue (between W. 74th and W. 75th St.)
(212) 787-2200

Paper Source

After much anticipation, Paper Source finally opened on Columbus Avenue between W. 74th - W. 75th Street. The Chicago-based firm is known for its vast variety of fine papers, stationery, gift wrap, cards, and other products. A large custom-printing department designs stationery, wedding invitations, bridal announcements, birth announcements, programs, menus, invitations of all types, and more. There is a large section devoted to themed how-to workshops, allowing participants to learn a craft and bring home a unique creation of their own making. And there are numerous gift items, various make-it-yourself kits, crafting supplies, fun items, and other things too numerous to mention. This beautiful and large two-story shop is a cornucopia of items, sure to interest and inspire just about anyone.

309 Columbus Avenue (between W. 74th and W. 75th St.)
(646) 861-2879


This well-known women's boutique, with 10 locations in NYC, has just opened their new shop on the corner of W. 68th Street. Chock-full of fashionable and affordable clothing, they make a welcome addition to our avenue, and we're pleased to welcome them to Columbus Avenue. Variazioni holds sales and promotions regularly, so stopping by frequently to see what's new is definitely recommended.

181 Columbus Ave. (between W. 68th and W. 69th St.)
(212) 877-3000

A.G. Kitchen

After extensive renovations, Columbus Tavern has reopened with a brand new look and is now under the culinary leadership of prominent Cuban-born chef Alex Garcia. As Mr. Garcia says, “In my kitchen there are no borders, just fun delicious food made from the best ingredients. As a native Cuban I grew up appreciating the simple joys of food and the fiestas, which always began at the family table.” The restaurant’s new menu includes an extensive selection of burgers, ceviches, and specialties such as the “Ultimate Paella” and “NYC’s Best Cubano.” Chef Alex Garcia has also hosted “The Melting Pot" on the Food Network and is one of the chief creators of the Nuevo Latino cooking movement. He has been a chef at Babalu, Patria, the Copacabana Supper Club, and Calle Ocho. A.G. Kitchen is currently open for lunch, brunch, and dinners.

269 Columbus Avenue (between W. 72nd and W. 73rd St.)
(212) 873-9400

Upcoming Events  
Vote for The Doe Fund in a National Competition!
For over a decade, the Columbus Avenue BID has contracted The Doe Fund's supplemental sanitation services. The hard work of their street-cleaning crews is paying off on Columbus and elsewhere in the form of clean neighborhoods, transformed lives, and now, national recognition. The Doe Fund has been selected as a Regional Finalist for the CLASSY Awards, which celebrates the greatest charitable achievements by nonprofit organizations during the past year. Voting ends July 26th, so please take a moment now to cast your vote.

Go to, click on East Region, and cast your vote for The Doe Fund in the Hunger & Poverty Relief category. Thanks!

Voting ends Thursday, July 26, 2012

(646) 672-2981
The American Museum of Natural History's
Spiders Alive! Exhibition

The American Museum of Natural History's exhibit, Spiders Alive, launches on Saturday July 28 for a five-month run. Featuring several rare and exotic spiders, the immersive exhibit will allow visitors to get close and personal with arachnids and their biological mechanisms, such as silk-spinning and venom. The Museum's exhibit will also include larger-than-life models, videos, interactive exhibits and fossils. Tickets are $12.50 for adults and $8 for children; the exhibit is slated to run until December 2.

For Tickets Visit:

July 28 - December 2
Columbus Avenue (between W. 77th - W. 81st St.)

  Streetscape Project  
Streetscape plans for the block
between W. 76th - W. 77th St approved!

The Columbus Avenue Business Improvement District (BID) has received approval from Manhattan Community Board 7 with a vote of 34/0/0/0 for Phase One of their Streetscape Master Plan. Phase One includes the creation of new tree beds along the schoolyard fence, planting of new trees and flowers, installation of benches, and in-ground solar lighting, as well as the potential addition of a bioswale. Existing tree beds on the curb side will be expanded with new tree guards and additional plantings will be installed. The proceeds for Phase One of this project have come exclusively from the BID's annual fundraiser of the past five years, New Taste of the Upper West Side.
View Full Article
(212) 721-5048

Commercial Cyclist Safety Campaign

After remaining largely unenforced for the last five years, New York City’s Department of Transportation is planning to actively enforce commercial cyclist regulations in six months’ time. In order to prepare the community for these regulations, Manhattan Community Board 7 has been holding bike safety workshops at their offices on West 87th street. New York City Department of Transportation Comissioner Janette Sadik-Khan unveiled the new initiative with city councilmembers Gale Brewer, James Vacca and others in front of Lenny's on W. 84th Street (picture above).

These regulations apply to bicycle delivery personnel as well as the restaurants that employ them. The Department of Transportation has posters, brochures, as well as a handbook on their website in a variety of languages, including Chinese and Spanish. We strongly urge all restaurants and food providers on Columbus Avenue to familiarize themselves with the regulations and lead the Upper West Side in providing a safe and protective environment for employees, visitors, and vehicular traffic.

Employer responsibilities include:

  • Posting a working cyclist safety poster visible to employees
  • Providing well-fitting helmets and a vest with the restaurant’s name and employee number
  • Equipping bicycles with reflective devices, an audible signal, and lights (for evening and night deliveries)
  • Numbered business ID card with the bicyclist’s photo, name, home address and the business name, address and phone
Further and more detailed information, including PDFs of the posters, can be found at the website below.

For more information visit:
Department of Transportation
(212) 203-0265
Rules for Commercial Cycling

  Spotlight on Local Business  

Quality Florist

After 43 years on Columbus Avenue and the Upper West Side, Nick Bazos’s Quality Florist is still going strong. A visit to his location on W. 81st Street shows an amazing variety of cut flowers and flowering plants, all so fresh and appealing. Nick also maintains an island on the pedestrian mall, separating the bike lane from the other traffic, on W. 82nd Street and Columbus Avenue, stocking it with beautiful seasonal flowers like tropical hibiscuses. Many of Nick’s orders now come in via the Internet, he said, and for special events such as birthdays and anniversaries. Next time you want to brighten a friend’s day, consider a beautiful bouquet from Quality Florist!

447 Columbus Avenue (between W. 81st and 82nd St.)
(212) 362-3800

Magnolia Bakery

In celebration of July as National Blueberry Month, Magnolia Bakery has decorated their red velvet cupcakes with whipped vanilla icing and fresh blueberries on top. This delicious red, white, and blue confection is also a great way to celebrate America's 236th year of independence!

200 Columbus Avenue (between W. 69th and W. 70th St.)
(212) 724-8101

China Fun

New Yorkers love Chinese food, and one of the favorite choices for Upper West Siders is China Fun. Serving the local area since 1991, China Fun's huge menu (with over 400 dishes) encompasses a diverse set of cuisines, including Japanese, Szechuan, and Cantonese. Reported to have some of the best dim-sum outside of Chinatown, they also have a popular lunch menu for people at work or visiting on Columbus Avenue.

246 Columbus Avenue (between W. 71st and W. 72nd St.)
(212) 580-1516

67 Wine & Spirits

With a constantly changing selection of over 8,000 bottles, 67 Wine & Spirits has been a prominent retailer on Columbus Avenue for the last seven decades. With regular promotions, events, tastings, and a knowledgeable staff, the store has become a favorite of residents on the Upper West Side. They also maintain a well-written blog by staff members detailing the process of selecting wines for purchase as well as their picks for wines that pair well with classic foods.

179 Columbus Avenue (between W. 67th and W. 68th St.)
(212) 724-6767


With record high temperatures this summer it's important to stay cool and refreshed. Pappardella has opened their seasonal gelato stand for the summer with choices such as lemon, Belgian chocolate, and hazelnut.

316 Columbus Ave. (corner of W. 75th St.)
(212) 595-7996

The Culture Center

Richly decorated with Tibetan paintings, statues, and embroidered carpets, the Culture Center offers an elegant, zen-like space for non-profits and individuals to host their own private events. Able to accommodate up to 99 people, the space has hosted events as varied as the Natural Resources Defense Council's (NRDC) eco-salon on proposed natural gas drilling in the Catskill Mountains and functions to benefit medical foundations, private parties, numerous art shows, etc.

410 Columbus Ave. (between W. 79th and W. 80th St.)
(212) 769-1600


  Our Recent Fundraiser  

5th Annual New Taste of the Upper West Side

This year’s Fifth Annual Whole Foods Market New Taste of the Upper West Side proved to be the best ever, with sold out crowds both night, fabulous weather, and 80 of the Upper West Side’s most prominent chefs. Hosts Adam Richman (Travel Channel’s Man v Food) and Andrew Zimmern (Travel Channel’s Bizarre Foods) delighted many fans at our Friday night Comfort Classics presented by Columbus Square, while DJ Phresh entertained and special guest Tony Aboud-Ganim, (The Modern Mixologist), served up his signature cocktails. Saturday night’s Best of the West, with a VIP reception by First Republic Bank, honored Gael Greene, the prominent food critic, author, and founder of Citymeals-on-Wheels.

This event, which showcases 40 crème de la crème chefs and restaurateurs, brought back Joe Battaglia and the New York Big Band. For those who held VIP tickets, there was an opportunity to personally meet all the chefs before the evening really revved up. A portion of the net proceeds from the event have been donated to Citymeals-on Wheels, The O’Shea School complex for their greenhouse classroom, and funds for our streetscape project between W. 76th - W. 77th along Columbus Avenue.

For an album of photos, please visit here.


The Columbus Avenue Business Improvement District
Phone: 212 721-5048
Fax: 212 721-407

The Columbus Avenue BID is a
501 (c)(3) not for profit corporation.


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